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✖ dream of californication [userpic]
[aim chat four!]
by ✖ dream of californication (rabidfangirlism)
at February 7th, 2006 (04:06 pm)

Exdeesemicolon (5:19:46 PM): The loft was oddly silent that night, no sounds of the musician plucking idly at the strings of a guitar, or the whir of a camera as the filmmaker zoomed in or something or other. They had left earlier in the evening, being dragged out unexpectedly by Joanne and Maureen who had insisted they drop everything and go out to eat. Even though there was protest, the two found themselves succumbing to the girls will and for the night, abandoning their precious objects. The objects themselves were spread out around the living room, the acoustic and camera lay on the table together while the Fender was propped up against it. The scarf however was left alone on the couch. The acoustic scooted a little closer to the camera, a note of contentment echoing through the loft.

blackrobedchaos (5:21:29 PM): The fender eyed the camera and the acoustic, though he said nothing.

neon window (5:22:26 PM): The scarf sighed. "And so here we are again." It had to fill the semi-awkward silence.

blackrobedchaos (5:23:55 PM): "I'll never understand those women."

sadJesus (5:24:20 PM): The camera noticed the acoustic scooting closer, and moved farther away.

neon window (5:24:37 PM): "I don't think we'll ever understand them."

Exdeesemicolon (5:25:19 PM): The acoustic didn't make anything of the cameras actions, choosing to instead once again try and close the gap between the two. "I don't think I'd even want to."

sadJesus (5:26:36 PM): The camera "tsk"ed loudly, and moved again. "What do you want, acoustic?"

Exdeesemicolon (5:27:46 PM): If the acoustic had eyes, they'd be blinking. "Nothing," it said with a few soothing notes. "I just wanted to be near you. Is there something wrong?"

sadJesus (5:30:41 PM): "Well I don't want to be near you," the camera spat back, looking the other way. "Why don't you go spend some time with Fender? Since you two are sooo close now."

blackrobedchaos (5:30:52 PM): The fender turned the other way to hide his would-be smirk.

Exdeesemicolon (5:31:34 PM): "I-I.." The acoustic stammered, trying to think of what to say. "...I don't know what you mean."

neon window (5:31:56 PM): The scarf watched on as the drama unfolded, keeping interest in the whole situation.

FizzyHeartsYou (5:32:27 PM): "He MEANS, " the right pant leg interjected, "you're a slut. "

sadJesus (5:32:32 PM): The camera suddenly wished it had hands to reach out and knock the damn guitar off the table with. "Don't lie to me, acoustic! You know exactly what I'm talking about!"

Exdeesemicolon (5:33:41 PM): "Shut up pants, this doesn't involve you!" It's attention returned to the camera, "Camera, listen I don't know what you're on about, honestly."

blackrobedchaos (5:35:01 PM): The fender rolled his eyes, still looking the other way. "What the fuck are you talking about, camera? Did Mark screw up your film today or something?"

sadJesus (5:35:46 PM): The camera would be red with anger if it could be. "F-fuck you, Fender! Which is apparently what you, acoustic, love to do!"

neon window (5:36:34 PM): The scarf started to pay more attention. "Oooh, this is turning out to be quite the soap opera."

sadJesus (5:36:45 PM): "Shut up, scarf!"

FizzyHeartsYou (5:37:20 PM): The pants moved over to where the scarf was. "We need popcorn! "

blackrobedchaos (5:37:23 PM): "Shut your striped trap. You know all about soaps." The fender shot at the scarf.

Exdeesemicolon (5:37:23 PM): Inching back, the acoustic let a few nervous notes escape him, "Look Camera that was...it was...Just forget about it, you know the Fender doesn't mean anything it was uh...forced?"

neon window (5:37:31 PM): "Well, I'm just saying what we're all thinking."

FizzyHeartsYou (5:38:05 PM): "Forced my ass! We were in the freaking room! "

neon window (5:38:18 PM): "Ooooh."

Exdeesemicolon (5:38:44 PM): "Wait you were?!" The acoustic shuddered, "Well now I feel disgusted."

sadJesus (5:38:47 PM): The camera exploded at the acoustic. "FUCK YOU, acoustic! How could you do that to me? Why would you tell me about the scarf cheating on me, and then turn around and do the EXACT SAME THING!?"

neon window (5:39:34 PM): The scarf, if it had eyebrows, would have raised them. "Hypocrite, anyone?"

FizzyHeartsYou (5:40:10 PM): "Mmmhmmm... " the left leg absentmindedly stroked the scarf as they watched, laughing.

Exdeesemicolon (5:40:18 PM): "It's DIFFERENT!" The acoustic tried to explain, "it's...The Fender doesn't mean anything he was just...there! I -love- you Camera, you know that!"

blackrobedchaos (5:40:26 PM): "Wow." The fender was silent for a few seconds. "The camera's pissed. I'd run. If I had feet, I mean."

sadJesus (5:41:33 PM): The camera laughed bitterly. "Right. Of course. You love me. Fuck you, acoustic, and your fucking new friend. Just leave me alone. In fact, don't ever talk to me again. Got it?"

neon window (5:42:36 PM): The scarf moved its fringe slightly over the left pant leg. "I think this is the maddest I've ever seen Camera."

Exdeesemicolon (5:43:02 PM): "No, I won't do it. Camera listen to me, I'll stop, I have no problem stopping. Just...just don't do this!" The acoustic was begging, something that he didn't think he would ever find himself doing.

blackrobedchaos (5:43:32 PM): The fender quietly snorted, giving the scarf and the pants a sort of 'haha, suckers' look and glancing to the camera and the acoustic.

neon window (5:44:45 PM): The scarf looked back to the Fender and grinned. "You are just loving this, aren't you?" it said in a conversational tone.

sadJesus (5:44:55 PM): The camera moved farther away, to the very edge of the table. Turning the other way he didn't even bother to reply, deciding to ignore the acoustic from now on. And the Fender.

FizzyHeartsYou (5:45:00 PM): "Its really too bad that Mark can't document all of THIS. That film would make a fortune.

blackrobedchaos (5:46:25 PM): The fender gently nudged the table, wondering if he could make the camera fall off and saying nothing but giving the scarf and pants a little snickering nod.

Exdeesemicolon (5:46:34 PM): The acoustic made a soft sad sound. "Camera...I'm sorry." It moved to the other side of the table, refusing to look at any of the other objects.

neon window (5:48:26 PM): The scarf scoffed. "Wow. Even I'm not that cruel, Fender."

sadJesus (5:48:47 PM): The camera fell off the table, landing on the floor with an angry thud. It desperately wanted to lash out at the fender, at the acoustic, but just stayed on the floor, stewing in its anger.

FizzyHeartsYou (5:49:18 PM): The pants momentarily stopped stroking the scarf and slid over to check to make sure the camera wasn't broken, in a momentary lapse of character.

Exdeesemicolon (5:49:37 PM): The acoustic rushed to the other side of the table, "Camera? Camera, are you ok?"

neon window (5:50:29 PM): The scarf looked on, concerned. "Camera? Nothing's broken, is it?"

sadJesus (5:50:54 PM): "I'm fine," the camera said shortly, then fell silent.

FizzyHeartsYou (5:51:27 PM): The left leg slid under the camera, cradling it gently. "You sure? That was a long fall. "

neon window (5:52:04 PM): The scarf whapped the Fender with one fringed end. "Are you crazy or something, Fender?"

sadJesus (5:52:27 PM): The camera shifted a little. "I'm fine, really." It paused, then added, "thanks."

Exdeesemicolon (5:52:50 PM): The acoustic looked on, silent as the pants cradles the camera. "I uh...make sure he's ok," it mumbled to the pants before inching back to his corner of the table.

blackrobedchaos (5:53:41 PM): "He's fine. Get over it." The fender would-be shrugged as a string snapped out, intertwining in the threads of the scarf and jerking. "And don't touch."

FizzyHeartsYou (5:53:57 PM): The right pant leg glanced upwards at the guitar. "For our own purposes, not for you. We may be slutty but we're monogamous sluts. "

blackrobedchaos (5:54:38 PM): "Monogamous sluts?"

neon window (5:54:48 PM): The scarf tried to jerk back, but now the string was tangled in its threads. "If I rip, someone's getting choked," it said angrily.

Exdeesemicolon (5:54:53 PM): It cringed at the words, but made no reply.

FizzyHeartsYou (5:55:21 PM): The left leg gently set the camera down before advancing on the Fender. "Let. Go. "

blackrobedchaos (5:55:58 PM): The fender's string slipped out of the scarf and wrapped itself around the tuner. "Happy now?"

neon window (5:56:30 PM): The scarf drew back its end. "Yes."

blackrobedchaos (5:56:53 PM): "Don't touch me." The fender said shortly, and had it had eyes, they'd narrow.

FizzyHeartsYou (5:57:02 PM): The two pant legs wrapped protectively around the scarf.

neon window (5:57:27 PM): "You were the one getting all crazy bitch on us." It snuggled in the pants protective embrace.

Exdeesemicolon (5:58:17 PM): Finally the acoustic gave in to it's own curiosity and turned to watch the other objects bicker, happy to have the attention off itself for a few moments.

blackrobedchaos (5:59:12 PM): "You hit me first, scarf. And the crazy bitch here is definitely the camera, who fucking exploded." He snickered. "Whatever. Just don't touch."

Exdeesemicolon (6:00:25 PM): "Don't call him that," mumbled the acoustic softly, "He had every right to be angry."

sadJesus (6:00:35 PM): The camera turned around. "You're calling ME the crazy bitch, Fender? After what you've done?!"

neon window (6:00:40 PM): "Well, I mean, you're the one being all homicidal on us. Camera really could of gotten hurt. I mean, I'm all for the bitching, but when it gets physical..." The scarf shifted uneasily.

FizzyHeartsYou (6:01:32 PM): The legs tightened around the scarf. "Once someone gets hurt its not funny anymore. "

blackrobedchaos (6:01:46 PM): The fender just laughed. "I'm not the one exploding on everyone here, Camera. That's you, clearly. And I know the camera's hardier then that. It wasn't that big a fall."

neon window (6:02:43 PM): "But still. It could have gotten damaged."

sadJesus (6:02:43 PM): "I'm not the one who gets some sick pleasure from breaking up relationships, Fender!"

blackrobedchaos (6:03:26 PM): "It's not my fault the acoustic can't control himself." The fender said indifferently.

sadJesus (6:03:44 PM): The camera paused. It had a point. Acoustic had a choice. "Fine. Whatever."

blackrobedchaos (6:04:49 PM): "I mean, we're all hanging around here and none of you are spontaneously going down on me. So, get off my fucking case."

sadJesus (6:05:35 PM): "You fucking pushed me off a table! God, am I allowed to get on you for THAT?"

Exdeesemicolon (6:05:55 PM): One again the acoustic found itself retreating away. "Can we just drop the issue?" it half questioned, half begged. "Let's call it an accident and move on."

FizzyHeartsYou (6:06:10 PM): "That’s the problem. It wasn't an accident. "

sadJesus (6:06:16 PM): "Exactly!"

blackrobedchaos (6:06:24 PM): "Sure. Go ahead." The fender looked down at the camera, internally beaming at his own height. "And there's no accident involved in you coming onto me, acoustic."

Exdeesemicolon (6:07:04 PM): "Shut up Fender, just shut the fuck up."

sadJesus (6:08:30 PM): The camera glanced at the acoustic, then glared back at the gender. "Oh, fuck you. Nothing I can say will make you feel bad about what you've done, you heartless piece of shit."

blackrobedchaos (6:09:06 PM): "Me or the acoustic?"

Exdeesemicolon (6:10:09 PM): "You."

blackrobedchaos (6:10:35 PM): "I'm a guitar, acoustic." The fender gave him a 'duh' kind of look. "Obviously I don't."

neon window (6:12:30 PM): The scarf watched with interest. "I'm glad I'm not wrapped up in this."

Exdeesemicolon (6:12:34 PM): You know what he meant, stop playing stupid." The acoustic had moved himself to the other corner of the table, with at least a third of it's body not even remaining on the surface.

blackrobedchaos (6:12:54 PM): "Don't fall off, I might be blamed for that one too." The fender said sarcastically.

FizzyHeartsYou (6:16:10 PM): The pants would have rolled their eyes if they had them.

neon window (6:21:09 PM): The scarf wiggled a little bit, getting comfortable, keeping watch on the situation.

blackrobedchaos (6:22:01 PM): The fender shifted against the table, getting comfortable, and allowed himself a little smile.

Exdeesemicolon (6:23:25 PM): It was only after a few moments of the awkward silence that the acoustic moved away from the edge of the table, scooting over to watch the others once more, a disapproving note escaping him as he caught sight of the Fenders smile.

blackrobedchaos (6:25:28 PM): A smirky twang was the fender's response.

FizzyHeartsYou (6:27:09 PM): The pants tried to ignore the now oppressive silence, cuddling into the scarf

Exdeesemicolon (6:27:25 PM): A light 'hmph', but nothing more came from the acoustic as he chose to instead focus in on the pants and scarf, not even glancing at the Fender.

sadJesus (6:27:28 PM): The camera moved farther away from them all. "I can't believe this," it muttered. "Stuck with all of you."

neon window (6:27:56 PM): The scarf huffed. "I didn't do anything."

FizzyHeartsYou (6:28:43 PM): "Yeah, WE helped you, remember? "

sadJesus (6:30:23 PM): The camera paused. "That's true. Thanks."

FizzyHeartsYou (6:31:00 PM): "You're welcome. " The right leg's voice and an undertone of snobbiness from the camera so quickly forgetting their help

sadJesus (6:31:25 PM): "I'm sorry," the camera added, embarrassed. "I'm just in a bad mood. You can't blame me for that."

FizzyHeartsYou (6:32:50 PM): "I suppose not.

neon window (6:34:17 PM): The scarf sighed, snuggling into the pants. "So what happens now?"

FizzyHeartsYou (6:34:49 PM): The pants tightened. "We could think of a few things. " The left leg nudged the scarf, laughing.

Exdeesemicolon (6:36:21 PM): The acoustic made a disgusted sound, "Let's not, at least not here. You two slink off under the couch or something and do that."

neon window (6:37:02 PM): The scarf huffed. "Well, don't get angry at us because you're in the middle of all this drama."

FizzyHeartsYou (6:37:02 PM): "We weren't PLANNING to do it here. "

Exdeesemicolon (6:37:50 PM): "I wouldn't be in the middle if everyone could just forget about it and pretend it never even happened!"

FizzyHeartsYou (6:38:37 PM): "Running away from our problems, are we? "

Exdeesemicolon (6:39:06 PM): "Shut. Up. I'm not running away from anything, I couldn't do that even if I wanted to."

FizzyHeartsYou (6:39:10 PM): "We seem to remember that you and the camera slept together before the scarf even came near me. So you steal the camera, and then cheat on the camera. "

blackrobedchaos (6:39:24 PM): "I know, fucking amazing."

neon window (6:40:49 PM): The scarf blinked. "Well. That's kind of fucked up, isn't it?" It snuggled into the pants.

Exdeesemicolon (6:41:24 PM): "I didn't steal anyone! Look that whole thing was...It was complicated."

FizzyHeartsYou (6:41:47 PM): "Mmhmm. Sure, acoustic. " The pants teasingly slipped the fringe of the scarf into one leg, enough to tease but not enough to be doing too much in the open.

blackrobedchaos (6:41:49 PM): "Face it, acoustic, you're a slut, and a bad one at that." The fender pointed out.

Exdeesemicolon (6:44:34 PM): "I am not!" The acoustic blurted, "I'm no such thing, it's not like I MEAN for these things to happen!"

neon window (6:44:48 PM): The scarf tickled the inside of the pant leg with its fringe, sighing. "At least I'm out in the open with my...flirtatiousness." It paused for a second, wondering if that was actually a word, and then let it slide.

blackrobedchaos (6:45:57 PM): "You're a fucking slut, acoustic, get over it. Like the pants, they know they're sluts and that's cool with all of us. But this denial thing, sucks. Just accept it and get over it. You're always like 'it was an accident!' and 'I didn't mean it!' but when it comes down to it, you don't have to do anything. This thing with me and then with the acoustic and the camera and you wanted it, and maybe it doesn't strike you as slutty to rotate between THREE OBJECTS, but earth to Acoustic Guitar, it is."

Exdeesemicolon (6:51:32 PM): "Is that what you all WANT me to say? That I'm a fucking slut? Fine, I'll say it." His notes were short and angry, almost shaking, "I, Roger Davis' Acoustic Guitar, am a slut. Are you all happy now?"

FizzyHeartsYou (6:51:46 PM): "Yes. "

blackrobedchaos (6:51:50 PM): "Mmhmm."

neon window (6:52:00 PM): The scarf smiled happily. "At least I'm not the only one, now."

blackrobedchaos (6:53:04 PM): The fender apparently looked like he was going to say something, but paused as he heard the footsteps coming up the steps. Four of them, to be precise.

FizzyHeartsYou (6:53:34 PM): The pants growled. "Dammit, they don't EVER LET US GET ANYWHERE. "

Exdeesemicolon (6:54:36 PM): The acoustic snickered, relieved that, what he considered, his public embarrassment, could quite possibly be coming to an end. "Get over it Pants, you'll get somewhere eventually."

neon window (6:54:57 PM): The scarf patted the pants. "You will, promise."

blackrobedchaos (6:55:29 PM): Roger came in first, snatching the fender from where it stood, the amp in his other hand as he went directly to his room. Mark was tagging along behind him, and closed the door behind the pair as the fender's electrified notes came from behind the door.

FizzyHeartsYou (6:55:30 PM): "Maybe we should slide out of sight before they get in here, then... " The left leg stretched suggestively. The pant legs wrapped around the scarf, gently tugging it towards the underside of the couch ten feet away

neon window (6:58:32 PM): The scarf chuckled, and followed the pants. "Well, now that the drama's all said and done...shall we?"

FizzyHeartsYou (6:59:43 PM): "Mmmmhmmmm.. ." All three of them slid out of sight. Fabric ruffling could be faintly heard.

sadJesus (7:00:51 PM): The camera suddenly realized it was alone. With the acoustic.

Exdeesemicolon (7:01:43 PM): The acoustic scooted tot he edge of the table, watching as the pants and scarf moved away together, then cast a hesitant glance towards the camera.

sadJesus (7:02:57 PM): The camera saw the acoustic looking at it, and turned the other way with a loud "hmph."

FizzyHeartsYou (7:05:30 PM): The sound of a few threads breaking could be heard from under the couch.

Exdeesemicolon (7:05:33 PM): The acoustic sighed, "Camera listen, can we please talk about this?" Loosening a string, it came to lightly wrap around the camera, "Please?"

sadJesus (7:07:51 PM): The camera sighed. "I don't want to hear what you have to say, acoustic. I thought I told you not to talk to me ever again."

FizzyHeartsYou (7:11:50 PM): A moan came from under the couch, obviously from the less inhibited right leg

Exdeesemicolon (7:12:13 PM): "I couldn't do that Camera, you know I couldn't. Look, please just listen. I won't do it again, I'll be better then that. I'll do anything you want, anything at all." The notes of desperation were apparent as the acoustic made it's plea

sadJesus (7:13:05 PM): "Acoustic," the camera sighed. "No. Just...I can't trust you after this. You tried to DENY it, remember? You tried to act like you didn't know what I meant."

Exdeesemicolon (7:15:13 PM): "Camera I know, I'm sorry! It was just the first thing that came to mind! I wasn't thinking about what I was saying."

sadJesus (7:17:03 PM): "Obviously," the camera said bitterly. "And saying sorry doesn't mean I can just pretend you were never with Fender. I can't take you back, acoustic. I can't."

Exdeesemicolon (7:20:20 PM): "Yes you can," it pleaded, the string around the camera wrapping a little tighter. "Please Camera, we'll just forget the whole thing ever happened. I won't even LOOK at Fender again if that's what you want!"

sadJesus (7:22:53 PM): The camera wriggled. "Get off of me! I don't CARE what you do from now on!"

FizzyHeartsYou (7:24:25 PM): The right leg poked itself from under the couch. "You mind? You're kinda killing the mood. "

sadJesus (7:24:44 PM): "Go away!"

blackrobedchaos (7:25:33 PM): As if to mock them, the amplified notes of Musetta's Waltz echoed out from Roger's room, strong and powerful.

Exdeesemicolon (7:27:26 PM): The acoustic sighed, unraveling itself from the other object, "Fine," it said in a dejected tone. "I'll leave you alone. I'm..I'm sorry for everything I've done though, I really am."

sadJesus (7:28:00 PM): "Well..." The camera paused. "Thank you for telling me about the scarf way back."

Exdeesemicolon (7:29:07 PM): A soft, sad laugh, "It's ok, you deserved to know."

sadJesus (7:29:31 PM): The camera let out a little laugh. "I felt so stupid. Everyone else knew it was a such a slut. Everyone but me."

neon window (7:30:24 PM): The scarf let out a little noise from under the couch.

FizzyHeartsYou (7:31:32 PM): A low chuckle was heard from the pants.

Exdeesemicolon (7:37:46 PM): "There was no reason to feel stupid," the acoustic said soothingly, "just a little blinded. I'm glad I could help though."

neon window (7:44:48 PM): The scarf came out from under the couch, smiling. "Well, I'm glad we finally got to do that. Poor pants were worn right out!"

FizzyHeartsYou (7:45:29 PM): A snore was heard from other the couch as the pants drifted off.

neon window (7:58:11 PM): And so, the door opened, and Mark came out to grab his camera. Who knows exactly what he was planning to film, but it disappeared into the room, the Fender's notes resounding as the door closed behind the blond film maker.

sadJesus (8:00:39 PM): The camera let out a groan as Mark carried him off. Great, it thought. Just what I need; to be near Fender.

blackrobedchaos (8:01:29 PM): The Fender sounded entirely too smug as he was played.

Exdeesemicolon (8:04:45 PM): The acoustic watched as the camera was carted off, knowing that it was just it and the scarf left. "So..."

sadJesus (8:05:20 PM): The camera shot the fender a look, actually hating Mark at the moment for bringing him in.

neon window (8:06:10 PM): "So." It looked up to the acoustic. "So we're both sluts now, huh?" It surprisingly didn't sound that snarky, per usual.

blackrobedchaos (8:07:03 PM): The fender managed to give the camera what would have been a too-wide smile as Roger was adjusting the settings on his amp. "Hey." He mumbled.
Exdeesemicolon (8:07:07 PM): The acoustic sighed in defeat, "I guess we are."

neon window (8:08:59 PM): "Why did you sleep with the Fender, anyhow? If you love the Camera so much, I mean?" It came over to the table leg and laid beside it.

Exdeesemicolon (8:10:05 PM): "I do love the camera," It began, trying to choose it's words carefully. "But...I don't know, I guess I still love the Fender too...It's complicated I guess."

neon window (8:12:16 PM): If it had shoulders, it would have shrugged. "I understand. Loving multiple things at one time. Doesn't make you a slut though. Well...I mean...different love for different things, or something like that."

sadJesus (8:12:27 PM): The camera "hmph"ed loudly. "Just shut up, Fender," it replied snottily.

blackrobedchaos (8:16:13 PM): "and what are you going to do about it, camera?" He replied with a sneer.

Exdeesemicolon (8:18:06 PM): The acoustic would have been smiling, "I get what you're saying, thanks." A string reached downward and touched the scarf lightly. "I'm uh...sorry for all the stuff I've said to you."

sadJesus (8:18:07 PM): "Ignore you." the camera looked away, and planned to do just that.

neon window (8:20:42 PM): The scarf smiled lightly, "Ah, it's okay. Everyone does it." It smiled at the contact, and put a fringe on the string. "Thanks for apologizing, though. I wouldn't have expected it from you."

blackrobedchaos (8:21:31 PM): "Do what you want." The fender replied smugly, and relaxed, allowing Roger's fingers to brush against his strings harshly.

sadJesus (8:21:57 PM): "Fine, I will," the camera said, whirring and clicking to life as Mark turned it on.

Exdeesemicolon (8:22:41 PM): The acoustic gave a sad laugh, "Yeah I wouldn't expect it from me either." A light shrug as the string wrapped itself around the offered fringe. "I guess I got a bit of a perspective change though."

neon window (8:26:38 PM): "Well, I guess once you see the other side of the fence it's easier to see someone's point of view." It smiled. "Can you believe us? Talking and not bitching? I think everyone would laugh if we told them."

blackrobedchaos (8:29:01 PM): "You can't ignore me." The fender chuckled softly, half his words from the guitar and the other from the amp it was plugged into. "You can pretend, I mean, but I'm always there."

Exdeesemicolon (8:32:16 PM): The smile grew a little, "Yeah, they'd laugh and then probably not believe us." A soft content tune was coming from the acoustic as it grew more comfortable.

sadJesus (8:32:37 PM): The camera wished, for the second time that day, that it had hands. It wanted to reach over and smack the fender, but instead just tuned the guitar out.

blackrobedchaos (8:33:16 PM): Roger hmm'd, and turned up the volume of the amp. The fender laughed and thanked him silently.

sadJesus (8:34:36 PM): The camera winced, and tried harder to tune the guitar out even more. He secretly apologized to Mark, knowing that the sound would be crap when his owner went back to watch later.

neon window (8:35:30 PM): The scarf laughed. "They wouldn't believe us!" It made a slight pause, not wanting to break the friendly atmosphere. "...Why don't you like me?"

Exdeesemicolon (8:38:54 PM): The acoustic gave a sigh, "In the beginning I didn't really dislike you, I mean I didn't like you either but...Well then you came and got a hold of the camera and I got...well I got a bit jealous." A soft laugh, "Then after that whole mess I guess I kinda just kept the grudge going." Another sigh, "the whole thing is kinda petty now that I look at it.”

neon window (8:43:06 PM): The scarf shrugged. "It's okay. I mean, it's jealously, right? Well, it's the camera, and who doesn't love the camera?" It chuckled slightly. "But I understand. Grudges are hard to get rid of, petty or not. It happens. And...well, neither of us really did anything to stop it. It just...kept going."

blackrobedchaos (8:45:31 PM): "Why do you do that?" Asked the high, jolted voice of the fender and the amp combined. "Won't Mark get better footage if you open yourself up?"

Exdeesemicolon (8:46:20 PM): "Very true, I feel a bit bad about it all now. You're really not that bad." A soft laugh of it's own. "Shows how little you learn when you're angry I guess."

sadJesus (8:47:02 PM): "I honestly don't give a damn right now," the camera replied, not focusing clearly on the fender.

blackrobedchaos (8:48:40 PM): "Not my loss." Said the fender with a high laugh. "We'll hear you bitching about it later."

sadJesus (8:49:33 PM): "No, you won't. Now shut up, really. You can't make me angry," the camera said firmly, wanting to believe it.

neon window (8:50:03 PM): The scarf grinned. "I guess that whole 'walk a mile in someone's shoes' or something is right. But we never really took the time to get to know each other, did we?" It felt kind of bad at this reflection.

blackrobedchaos (8:50:06 PM): "Oh, it's way, waaaaay too late for that, little camera. I've already pissed you off well beyond belief." He snickered.

sadJesus (8:52:20 PM): "Yes," the camera spat out, "but I won't let you make it even worse, which I've no doubt you'll try to do."

Exdeesemicolon (8:52:28 PM): "Yeah," It too felt a bit guilty as the revelation was stated, "I suppose it's never too late though, right?" A hopeful smile.

blackrobedchaos (8:52:46 PM): "Too late, again."

sadJesus (8:52:56 PM): "Just shut up."

blackrobedchaos (8:54:30 PM): "Can't." He looked towards Roger, who was busy scribbling something down on a pad. "He'd think I was broken or something."

sadJesus (8:55:06 PM): "And then he'd get rid of you, and really, how could THAT be a bad thing?"

neon window (8:56:23 PM): The scarf smiled back. "Ah, well, never too late for anything." It gave a hopeful smile back. At least maybe now they could call a truce.

blackrobedchaos (8:58:29 PM): "You realize how much Roger would ramble on about me to you and Mark, right? You'd hear more about me when I wasn't here."

Exdeesemicolon (8:58:56 PM): "Definitely not too late," Raising the string up just a bit it questioned, "You wanna come up here? I mean so it's a bit easier to talk n' all?"

sadJesus (9:00:31 PM): The camera chuckled. "That's true. Unless he somehow got a new guitar, which, considering the money they DON'T make..that wouldn't really happen, would it?"

blackrobedchaos (9:01:03 PM): "Eeeexactly." The fender nodded, making a little contented noise as Roger's fingers brushed against his strings.

sadJesus (9:03:21 PM): The camera fell silent. It really did like watching Roger play that guitar. Not that it'd ever dare admit that.

blackrobedchaos (9:04:19 PM): "You like it." The fender murmured contentedly.

neon window (9:04:35 PM): The scarf was a little surprised by the notion, but gladly accepted. "Sure! I'm never on the table much anyway." It thought about how wrong that sounded, but it was true.

sadJesus (9:05:14 PM): The camera would be blinking. "What? Like what?"

blackrobedchaos (9:06:23 PM): "You like watching me and Roger." He tried to sound accusing, but Roger's fingers took all the energy out of him. He could have compared it to lying on a beach in the sun if he had ever done such a thing.

Exdeesemicolon (9:07:01 PM): It gave a relieved laugh as it pulled the scarf onto the table next to it, "Yeah, usually I'm here with the camera, or the Fender or...Something. It was a bit lonely."

sadJesus (9:07:28 PM): The camera hesitated. "Well...yeah. I do. Roger knows what he's doing, I'll give him that." The camera chuckled as Roger hit a wrong note. "Ok, he mostly knows what he's doing."

blackrobedchaos (9:08:58 PM): Snapped out of his daze by the note, the Fender grinned. "Mostly."

neon window (9:09:43 PM): "Well, sometimes the pants are nearby, so I don't have time to be lonely, but when you're on the floor in a corner or wrapped around a doorknob..." It would have shrugged, had it shoulders. "It's just isolated a bit, that's all."

sadJesus (9:09:48 PM): The camera started to grin back, but caught itself. What was he doing? He hated the Fender. And now they were chatting. Chatting.

blackrobedchaos (9:11:00 PM): The fender found it extremely hard to actively hate anyone and anything when he was being played, and he allowed himself to fall back into the lull Roger's fingers provided.

Exdeesemicolon (9:13:17 PM): The acoustic gave a knowing nod, "Yeah I understand, and I bet when you were around us and we were hassling you and all...Well I'm really am sorry for that."

neon window (9:18:16 PM): The scarf smiled. "Well, thank you. Mostly I brush it off, but sometimes...sometimes it can hurt. But I know it's mostly talk...or, at least, that's what I believe." And that was the truth. It could have been wrong, but it didn't care.

Exdeesemicolon (9:21:00 PM): A sole string ran over the length of the scarf. "Yeah. It's funny, sometimes I forget how much words meant. At least they can be taken back." It offered a warm smile to the other object.

neon window (9:27:07 PM): The scarf draped an end over the edge of the acoustic lightly, returning the smile. "Well, thank god for that. ...At least we can apologize for what we say." It lapsed into a small, comfortable silence.

FizzyHeartsYou (9:27:49 PM): The pants slid out from under the couch, slightly dusty, stretching out their wrinkles. "Did we miss anything? "

blackrobedchaos (9:30:38 PM): "You should get back with the acoustic." The Fender mumbled in between notes.

sadJesus (9:32:53 PM): The camera would've blinked in surprise, and felt his film stop for a split second. "What?"

blackrobedchaos (9:34:03 PM): "You should forgive the fucking guitar for being a slut and get back to him is what I said." He repeated, choking a little as Roger tightened one of the strings.

sadJesus (9:34:35 PM): "Fuck you, Fender," the camera replied, all his former bitterness returning. "How can you even say that? You broke us up."

blackrobedchaos (9:35:43 PM): He waited till Roger stopped tugging on the strings to talk again. "Fine, whatever. But the acoustic loves you. We were just playing around."

sadJesus (9:36:31 PM): "Yeah, well he can't love me too much if he's so willing to 'play around' with someone else," the camera shot back, wriggling slightly in Mark's hands. He wanted to leave. now.
FizzyHeartsYou (9:38:47 PM): The pants shifted awkwardly and slid back under the couch.

blackrobedchaos (9:39:26 PM): "Guitars are naturally promiscuous." The fender groaned a little as Roger put him down all the way to get another notebook. "He can't help it."

sadJesus (9:40:51 PM): The camera "tsk"ed. "That's just an excuse, Fender. I just...I can't, and won't, trust him again."

Exdeesemicolon (9:42:36 PM): The acoustic, who had tensed up when the pants came out from under the couch, once again relaxed, letting one string run idly along the scarf. "That was...utterly terrifying."

blackrobedchaos (9:42:39 PM): "Whatever." He would-be-shrugged, watching Roger go around the room. "Do what you want, it's not my loss."

sadJesus (9:43:06 PM): "Right, it's not your business, so stay out of it."

blackrobedchaos (9:43:22 PM): "If you two are over, then it's perfectly my business to do whatever I want."

neon window (9:43:23 PM): The scarf fluttered its end, sighing. "Fuck. That's not good. Not at all. Especially with current circumstances."

sadJesus (9:43:59 PM): The camera would've narrowed its eyes. "You're right. Go crazy, seduce acoustic all over again. Whatever."

blackrobedchaos (9:44:52 PM): "As long as I've got permission." He leaned back into the comfort of Roger's hands and relaxed again with a little smile.

sadJesus (9:45:31 PM): "Well since it seems like acoustic's such a slut now...That shouldn't be too hard to get."

Exdeesemicolon (9:46:03 PM): "No, no it's not." Drawing the string back to itself, the acoustic gave a sigh, "No need to make matters even worse then they already are."

blackrobedchaos (9:46:41 PM): "The acoustic isn't as bad as you think it is, camera. I don't know why you're so quick to get so pissed at him, especially because he does care about you. He just can't resist my appeal, is all."

sadJesus (9:47:17 PM): "And that just so happens to be a problem with me, you ho," the camera snapped. "I don't want to be with acoustic if he's always going to be with you."

neon window (9:48:29 PM): The scarf let out another sigh. "What are we going to do? It doesn't help with both our reputations. ..Especially mine." It looked to the acoustic. "Sorry about anything that comes after this." Yes, the scarf knew that something bad was bound to happen, even though the intentions were good.

Exdeesemicolon (9:50:49 PM): "It's ok," the acoustic said soothingly, "I mean it's not like we're doing anything wrong right now. We're just...being friendly." A bitter laugh, "Then again I suppose to them friendly doesn't exist for us anymore."

blackrobedchaos (9:52:10 PM): "Acoustic and I...." The fender paused, singing out several notes for Roger. "We're......complicated. I can't really explain it, but it shouldn't get in the way of you having someone so I don't have to listen to you bitch."

neon window (9:53:13 PM): The scarf smiled sarcastically. "Well, it seems I can never be just friendly. It's neither 'I hate you' or 'Let's be more than friends'. No one ever thinks there's an in between with me."

sadJesus (9:53:39 PM): "Oh, shut up," the camera said, for probably the fiftieth time that night. "I'm not bitching."

blackrobedchaos (9:53:46 PM): "You're bitching."

sadJesus (9:53:53 PM): "I am not."

blackrobedchaos (9:53:58 PM): "Are too."

Exdeesemicolon (9:54:36 PM): "Well then," The acoustic brought the string out once more, gently petting the scarf. "We'll just have to prove them wrong, now won't we?"

sadJesus (9:54:41 PM): "Nuh uh."

neon window (9:55:29 PM): The scarf let out a laugh, and kept its end on the acoustic. "I suppose we will! It's not like we've got anything to lose, right?"

Exdeesemicolon (9:56:32 PM): A soft chuckle, "Nope, not anymore anyway." It started to toy with the other objects fringe. "Then again birds of a feather..."

blackrobedchaos (9:58:50 PM): "Yuh - ow - Roger!" The fender looked sharply up at his owner, who had his the wrong chord entirely. Roger, whether he heard his guitar are not, winced.

neon window (9:59:02 PM): It intertwined the fringe around the string, and then let the fringe hang loose, and repeated the motion. "I can say I'd never thought we'd be birds of a feather together," it said in an amused voice.

Exdeesemicolon (10:02:58 PM): The acoustic brought a second string out to wrap around the scarf as the first was played with. "I've got to agree but it's really not so bad. I mean this...this is nice."

sadJesus (10:04:30 PM): The camera chuckled slightly, taking the slightest pleasure in the fender's pain.

neon window (10:05:01 PM): It wrapped an end around the second string and sighed contently. "It's nice to have someone who understands. It's like...I don't know. Another way to love someone, I guess." It didn't know exactly how to describe it.

blackrobedchaos (10:06:19 PM): Roger sighed, unplugging the guitar from the amp and pushing open the door as he went to find another pick for the guitar, praying there was one in Mark's room. The Fender, hanging off Roger's shoulder, stared at the acoustic and the scarf, and his eyebrows would have been in his hair, if he had either.


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