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First RP- AIM Chat
at January 15th, 2006 (10:28 pm)

blackrobedchaos (9:08:35 PM): The loft is dark and quiet. It's night, estimately around nine or ten, and cold inside. The door to Roger's room is open, exposing his inability to remain clean. Mark's door is closed, but there's lights shining out from under the doorjam.

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:09:00 PM): Distinct noises can be heard and Roger's discarded pants twitch on the floor.

blackrobedchaos (9:11:01 PM): Roger's guitars, the fender and the acoustic, are perched near his open door. Mark's camera is wrapped tightly up in his scarf, something about keeping the film inside of it in the dark. The rest of the clothing of the two roommates is thrown in a pile in front of Mark's closed door, Roger's pants on the top.

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:12:07 PM): Rogers pants slid off of the pile, attempting to locate Mark's sweater.

blackrobedchaos (9:12:28 PM): The sweater is buried at the bottom. That's what they get for being way on top of everythign else he wears.

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:14:34 PM): "Sweater?" The left leg of Roger's pants stretches towards the pile of clothing, but the attempt is futile. The right leg is too busy slinking off to where the scarf is wrapped around the camera

neon window (9:18:03 PM): The scarf loosens on the camera, a bit tired of holding so tightly onto the object. "I hate when he uses me as a cushion for you. He wraps me so tight it hurts! If I get holes, I'm blaming you." The scarf sees the right pant leg and gives it a little wave with one end.

blackrobedchaos (9:18:55 PM): "It's buried way under there." The fender's slick, high voice resonates slightly, even without the amp (in Roger's room). "I doubt you'll get it."

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:20:16 PM): The zipper of the pant leg(convieniently on the right pant leg) slowly zips up and down suggestively at the scarf. The left leg droops slightly. "Sweater?"


wazanrogator (9:20:23 PM): The camera rolled its eyes. "Like he'd let you get holes. You should know he adores you too much to let that happen." He glances around, looking for acoustic.

neon window (9:22:00 PM): The scarf smiles. "Oh, I know. But it could happen. I'm a fragile being, you know." Of course, the scarf is only half in the conversation; it's flirting with the right pant leg by wiggling its fringe.

wazanrogator (9:23:06 PM): The camera snorted, and rolled its eyes yet again. "Yeah. Fragile. As opposed to me, who could be dropped and break into many many pieces."

blackrobedchaos (9:23:54 PM): The fender snorts, a deep, low twang. "Not as breakable as guitar strings."

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:24:39 PM): The right leg hisses at the left. "Stop it, you know we're not getting any from the sweater tonight." Speaking up, the right leg addresses the entire room. "Well, none of you have ever experienced a washing machine."

wazanrogator (9:25:29 PM): "No," the camera says with a grin, "but I think the scarf should. It's a little too dirty. It's not fun to have something so dirty wrapped around you.."

neon window (9:25:29 PM): "Oh, come on, now. I've been around for a long time. I'm worn every single day. I've been in very...kinky situations." The scarf makes a small pause. "I'm roughly handled. I could tear easily."

blackrobedchaos (9:27:50 PM): "Yes, we know." If the fender had eyes, he'd be rolling them at the scarf. "You've enlightened us of that. We all absolutely needed to hear it."

neon window (9:29:21 PM): The scarf merely brushes it off. "Complaining makes conversation. And who doesn't like to chat?" It almost falls onto the floor, but it's still rather wrapped up in the camera, more or less.

Cthulhu On Rye (9:26:14 PM): The accustic was staying silent, merely observing as the other objects went about their buisness. "I don't see what any of you are complaining about, they try and take good care of us, that's all we can ask."

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:27:04 PM): The right pant leg wiggled further towards the scarf, dragging the left leg with it. "Yeah, well, you say that because you love having Roger's hands running all over your fingerboard. We simply get discarded repeatedly, not even FOLDED."

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:30:37 PM): The right pant leg, after much furitive whispering with the indecisive left leg, calls out to the scarf. "I bet you like being handled roughly, don't you?" The pants were being as seductive as it was possible for pants to be.

wazanrogator (9:32:19 PM): "Please, feel free to let go of me," the camera suggests, shifting nervously. "Go see the pants, they're just dying for you." The camera was anxious to talk to acoustic.

neon window (9:33:25 PM): The scarf giggled. "Well, I can't say that I don't! As long as I don't get too stretched out, it's all good here." The scarf huffed. "Well, I would if my end wasn't wrapped in your crank."

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:33:52 PM): The pants laughed softly. "See? Its trying to get rid of you... you know you want to be over here..." The zipper slowly slid downwards, beckoning the scarf.

wazanrogator (9:34:43 PM): "Yes, I am trying to get rid of you," the camera said bitterly. "I really don't like your end being there, so please, go!"

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:35:25 PM): "Touchy, touchy..." the right leg muttered, running its end over the camera's back.

neon window (9:36:06 PM): The scarf huffed up. "Well, I said it was tangled, didn't I?" Which it didn't, but it kept going on. "I can't just untangle myself!! You have to help a little too!"

blackrobedchaos (9:36:16 PM): The fender turned the acoustic and let out an exasperated note. "I can't watch this soap. What've you been doing?"

Cthulhu On Rye (9:41:44 PM): A few amused notes sounded from the acoustic, "I can, it makes for something entertaining stories later on." It was mostly focused on the camera.

wazanrogator (9:38:00 PM): The camera felt itself turning red. "Hey! Really, please don't. Scarf, you're the one wrapped around me. I can't do anything about it!"

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:39:16 PM): The left pant leg finally spoke up, laughing. "Please. You're a slave to that scarf. What is it you call it?" Its voice takes on a mocking tone. " 'My beloved'?"

Cthulhu On Rye (9:41:51 PM): "You do?" it questioned, a soft chord of hurt underneath it's curiousity.

neon window (9:40:37 PM): "Well, I don't know, move the crank or something!!" The scarf failed its other end. "It's not just my fault!" It pauses. "...You call me your beloved?"

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:41:50 PM): The left leg raised an eyebrow. Mentally, as a real one did not exist. " You mean you haven't told the scarf of your undying love?"

blackrobedchaos (9:42:17 PM): The Fender sighed at the other guitar and watches the soap opera unfold. "I don't know, last time I checked, one did not sleep around when they had a beloved. I don't know. I'm just a guitar. maybe it's different for cameras."

neon window (9:43:29 PM): The scarf wrapped around the camera, and giggled. "That's adorable! You've never said that to me before! Do you really call me that?"

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:44:01 PM): The right pant leg brushed roughly over the scarf. "Getting distracted, are we?"

wazanrogator (9:45:19 PM): The camera protested. Loudly. "I do not call you that! Pants! Come on, why are you saying that?"

blackrobedchaos (9:46:08 PM): The fender is making squeaky noises of suppressed laughter, as to not distract his player across the loft.

neon window (9:46:38 PM): The scarf shivered and laughed. "Oh, yes. Well, you know me, I'm extremely socialable. But I want to see if this is true. Then I'll come down there and all." The scarf ran the one end of fringe over the right pant leg, most of it still wrapped around the camera.

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:47:28 PM): The right pant leg rustled in response to the scarf's touch. "I think we need to *ahem* get a bit better acquainted."

wazanrogator (9:48:07 PM): The camera tugged against the scarf, trying to unwrap it, and failing miserably. "Geez, you two, do you have to do that now?" He struggled a little more. "And Scarf, you aren't helping!"

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:49:18 PM): The left leg giggled at the camera's plight, the slightly cruel humor of the right leg rubbing off on it. "You know you like it..." The leg brushed over the camera, tickling it.

neon window (9:49:26 PM): The scarf giggled, "Oh you're just like your owner, aren't you?" And then the attention went back on the camera; "I'm trying! Turn it towards me, and I'll see if I can't untangle it."

wazanrogator (9:52:01 PM): The camera blushed more, and desperately wished it could smack the pants. And the scarf. And possibly the guitars, for just sitting back and watching. He wobbled a little helplessly. "Scarf, I really can't do anything."

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:52:47 PM): The right pant leg was getting quite impatient. "Stop fooling around and untangle yourself, Camera."

Cthulhu On Rye (9:49:52 PM): A few chords of relief came from the acoustic as he continued to watch things unfold. "You know I think we're lucky not to be involved," It said to the Fender, "I mean at least not yet anyway."

blackrobedchaos (9:52:50 PM): "You're kind of in this." The fender replies, a smirk in the notes. He lowers his voice. "I heard what you and the camera did before."

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:54:22 PM): The left pant leg stopped stroking the blushing camera to address the fender. "We all know. The acoustic couldn't stop playing chords and there was film everywhere."

Cthulhu On Rye (9:54:23 PM): The acoustic turns his full attention to the other guitar. "You heard what exactly?" It questioned somewhat nervously.

neon window (9:54:33 PM): The scarf unwrapped itself around the camera, but the end was still tangled. The scarf pulled on the crank, which helped nothing except turning the damn thing. "Well, fuck it! One of them needs to get out here and help us! My fringe is tangled!"

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:55:28 PM): However, the moans that could be clearly heard from the other room, accompanied by the occasional loud cry, was an indicator that this situation would nto be remedied anytime soon. The conversation about exactly what happened between the camera and the acoustic continued.

blackrobedchaos (9:55:29 PM): "What the pants said. There was film everywhere, and you were all loose. He was tuning you earlier, I saw...and I think they're busy."

neon window (9:57:26 PM): The scarf looked up. "What? What are we talking about?" At the time they spoke of, the scarf wasn't in the room at all, and had no idea what was going on. "Camera, what are they talking about?"

wazanrogator (9:57:54 PM): The camera felt like it was on fire now. It glanced embarrassedly at acoustic, and ignored the scarf. "Well..we...er.."

blackrobedchaos (9:58:05 PM): "They fucked."

neon window (9:58:53 PM): The scarf blinked. "They..." She tugged on the camera, giggled. "Ohhhhh. You guys did it, huh?"

fizzingwhisbee13 (9:59:40 PM): "They had a fling, all right, and I can't believe you didnt hear it." The right pant leg slid closer to the scarf. "How about we have a little fling of our own, hmm?"

wazanrogator (10:00:38 PM): "Yes! Please!" The camera said desperately, wanting to get the attention off it and the poor acoustic. "Scarf, pants, go at it. In fact, just go!"

neon window (10:00:54 PM): The scarf smiled. "Oh, well, I wouldn't mind that at all...if I wasn't STUCK." The scarf ran its fringe over the pant leg, being a tease like it always was.

fizzingwhisbee13 (10:02:13 PM): Unable to take the tension the right leg was transferring to the other leg, the left pant leg rolled itself into a point and moved towards the crank, attempting to dislodge the scarf.

Cthulhu On Rye (10:02:56 PM): "You've managed to get yourself tangled in worse." the acoustic pointed out to the scarf. "I can't believe that this is actually becoming a three object job."

wazanrogator (10:04:14 PM): The camera wobbled a bit and tried to turn its crank, and laughed a little too loudly at acoustic's joke. "Heh, how many clothing articles does it take to free a tangled-up camera?"

blackrobedchaos (10:05:02 PM): "That depends entirely on how many objects want to screw other objects." The fender injected with a smirky twang. "And the more that want to screw, the less it takes." d.

fizzingwhisbee13 (10:05:30 PM): The right pant leg growled impatiently. "Can' you go any faster?" The left leg twitched angrily. "I'm going as fast as I can!"

neon window (10:05:51 PM): The scarf sighed. "Next time, we've got to avoid this so it doesn't happen again!" It pulled a little harder, trying to get free. "GAH. I SWEAR. Sometimes I HATE the fringe." The scarf giggled. "You're pretty kinky, Fender."

blackrobedchaos (10:06:23 PM): The fender wiggled it's strings suggestively. "Of course I am. You have no idea what has come out of these strings, scarf."

wazanrogator (10:06:26 PM): The camera glared over at Fender, and then scowled at scarf. "Fender, don't encourage this!"

blackrobedchaos (10:07:13 PM): "Before Roger had a girlfriend, all he wrote about was sex and women. Guess who heard every bit of it? Absorbed some, too."

fizzingwhisbee13 (10:07:56 PM): The right pant leg wrinkled, then smoothed out triumphantly. "Yeah, well guess who got to experience half of it?" It answered its own question. "Thats right. WE did."

blackrobedchaos (10:08:45 PM): "And you sit by his cock, you horny fuck. How can you stand it. I'd be all over him in seconds."

fizzingwhisbee13 (10:09:51 PM): "If you ahven't noticed, we ARE all over him. We're not naturally this tight, you know." The voice was smug. The pants knew the other objects could only dream of being in their place.

wazanrogator (10:11:11 PM): The camera felt completely lost. "Is that all you can talk about? Please!"

blackrobedchaos (10:11:28 PM): "You know what I mean." The fender replied with a pouty kind of tone. "Lucky shit. How can you just not... grab him?"

wazanrogator (10:12:00 PM): "Maybe because the pants don't exactly have hands," the camera said sarcastically, still wobbling fruitlessly.

blackrobedchaos (10:12:20 PM): "You know what I mean too."

fizzingwhisbee13 (10:12:23 PM): The left leg joined the right's smugness. "We take the opportunity when he is thinking about sex. He makes it VERY easy on us, trust me."

blackrobedchaos (10:13:28 PM): The fender started laughing, random notes crashing out of his strings. "I am not suprised. I have seen him beat off. Lucky shit. I am so jealous of you."

fizzingwhisbee13 (10:13:51 PM): At this point, footsteps could be heard and all of the objects and clothing articles tensed.

fizzingwhisbee13 (10:14:33 PM): "Hey Mark, why did you leave your camera wrapped in the scarf? We could have filmed that."

fizzingwhisbee13 (10:15:09 PM): It was at this point that each inanimate object and clothing piece inwardly sighed with resignation. It appeared that no one except Mark and Roger were getting laid tonight.