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✖ dream of californication [userpic]
[aim chat two!]
by ✖ dream of californication (rabidfangirlism)
at January 16th, 2006 (07:06 pm)

blackrobedchaos: The early, bright hours of the night are quieter then the late nights. Except this time, the two renters of the loft have replaced everything: The acoustic guitar is on the table with the fender's neck over it's, the scarf is wrapped around Mark's doorknob, the pants are on the couch, and the camera is on the table closer to the acoustic.

neon window: The scarf sighed. "On the doorknob. AGAIN. At least I'm not stuck." It hung on the doorknob for a little longer, then looked around. "Hey! Is everyone asleep or something? C'mon now!" It wiggled a bit, as if that would help things.

wazanrogator: The camera whirred to life, and sighed in relief. "Scarf, make sure you stay over there, kay? My crank is still sore from the other day.."
blackrobedchaos: "At least you're not all over some other scarf or something." The fender muttered, "This is quite uncomfortable for me and acoustic, let me tell you."

Cthulhu On Rye: The acoustic voiced it's agreement "Exactly, you've got no room to complain when we're like this."

neon window: "Well, my left side is all stretched out, so don't worry about THAT." The scarf giggled, and slipped off the doorknob. "That sucks for you guys."

blackrobedchaos: "At least I'm not on the bottom." The fender replied with a smirk.

Cthulhu On Rye: "Shut up," muttered the acoustic. "It's not like I had a choice in this."

blackrobedchaos: "You know you like it."

neon window: The scarf laughed. "Oh, I love to see you too bitch fight. You crack me up."

wazanrogator: "Hey now!" The camera zoomed its lense in and out in annoyance. "And scarf, shut up."

neon window: "Touchy, touchy," the scarf said, brushing off the camera. "I can't help it if I speak my mind."

wazanrogator: "Yes," the camera replied, "you can. So spare all of us, and please do."

blackrobedchaos: "I don't know, considering how the scarf is, I don't think he can do anything about. It might just be second nature."

Cthulhu On Rye: "Pfft you WISH I liked it you mean, and scarf? Do us all a favor and stop speaking your mind." The acoustic sighed in frustration over the whole situation.

neon window: "What's in your lens today, huh?" the scarf said, and would raise an eyebrow if it had one. "Jeez! All ganging up on me, aren't we?" The scarf sulked in the corner.

blackrobedchaos: "It's okay, scarf, we love you even though you're a ocmplete and total slut." The fender laughed again, trying to scootch off the acoustic.

neon window: The scarf scoffed. "Well, I can't help it if everyone wants me. Well...nearly everyone. None of you would admit it," it added as an afterthought.

blackrobedchaos: "Scarf, come over here and tug me off acoustic?"

Cthulhu On Rye: "Do we want you, or is it the other way around?" questioned the acoustic as it attempted to scooch away from the other.

wazanrogator: The camera laughed and tried to scooch closer to acoustic. "Scarf? You really do need to deflate that ego of yours."

neon window: The scarf sulked in the corner. "Fine. I see we don't me to tug anyone off anyone. Why don't I sit in my corner and leave you all alone? It's obvious you don't need me around."

Cthulhu On Rye: The acoustic scoffed, "I think I'd rather stay like this if getting away meant you coming anywhere near me."

blackrobedchaos: "Oh, don't worry about camera. He's just jealous that you sit around Mark's neck all day." The fender would roll his eyes if he had them. "Cameras. psh."

wazanrogator: The camera glared at Fender. "And I'm in Mark's hands practically all day. Why would I be jealous?"

neon window: "Well, screw you, then!" The scarf answered in a high voice. "You can just stay like that! I'm sure the camera wouldn't mind the extra company."

blackrobedchaos: "And they talk about us bitching at eachother." The fender said, would-be-glancing at the acoustic.

Cthulhu On Rye: The acoustic sounded a few triumphant notes. "Now let's see how long you can manage to keep to yourself." It said to the scarf. "I give it ten minutes at the most." It shrugged at the Fender. "We already know they've got no room to talk."

neon window: The scarf made a little noise. "I can keep to myself longer than ten minutes." And so it sat by the doorknob, determined to keep quiet for more than ten minutes.

blackrobedchaos: The fender snorted. "You can not, Scarf." He agreed with the other guitar.

neon window: The scarf desperately wanted to say something, but ignored them both. Yes, it could.

FizzyHeartsYou: The pants, silent until now, finally spoke up. "You sure about that? You were pretty loud when Mark was giving Roger that boyjob..."

blackrobedchaos: "Blowjob, right!" The fender said, and made a disgusted noise with a sigh. "Not 'boyjob'."

FizzyHeartsYou: "We are well aware of the proper term, but since it involves the male human, we choose to use the other term." The left pant leg sounded distinctly annoyed.

blackrobedchaos: The fender made another exasperated noise and would roll his eyes, had he had any.

Cthulhu On Rye: "Does it really matter?" questioned the acoustic, "I mean in the end the same thing happened."

wazanrogator: The camera let out an embarrassed cough that rang in the awkward silence. "It's not like they're that interesting,": the camera muttered. "I've recorded more than I care to remember."

blackrobedchaos: The fender snorted. "You're such a prude."

FizzyHeartsYou: "You need to learn to enjoy opportunities that are presented to you." The right leg added. "It can be very enjoyable."

wazanrogator: "Well," the camera coughed, "it gets sort of...boring after a while. I've just seen it so many times!"

Cthulhu On Rye: The acoustic would have rolled it's eyes if possible. "Oh yes I can imagine how terribley dull it must become after a while."

neon window: The scarf meeped in the corner, "I think it's been ten minutes, hasn't it?"

FizzyHeartsYou: "Nine minutes and thirty seconds."

blackrobedchaos: "It won't be ten minutes for another hour, Scarf." The fender would have smirked. "You sound better quiet."

neon window: The scarf huffed. "Fuck you guys. I didn't know it was insult-the-scarf day."

blackrobedchaos: "Yes please." He wiggled his strings suggestively.

wazanrogator: "Not this again," the camera groaned.

Cthulhu On Rye: "Not while you're on top of me." The acoustic was quick to mention.

blackrobedchaos: "I bet you'd like it."

wazanrogator: "I'd hope not!"

Cthulhu On Rye: "I bet I'd rather have my strings broken."

blackrobedchaos: "Your strings probaly would be broken, just in a good way."

neon window: "...You know, I noticed you guys pause a lot without me talking."

Cthulhu On Rye: "We're reveling in the silence."

wazanrogator: "Trying to enjoy the silence while it lasts, you know."

blackrobedchaos: "Eeeeexactly."

neon window: And so, the scarf keeps on huffing. It's getting tired of the insults. "Like you are all saints. Just bash on the lone one, why doncha?"

blackrobedchaos: Footsteps on the loft stairs. The door swings opens, and Mark dashes in, wrapping one hand around the camera before moving back out. He doesn't appear to notice how his scarf is somehow on the floor. He slams the door behind him and hurries back down the steps.

neon window: The scarf sniffled in the silence.

blackrobedchaos: The fender blinked, watching the cameranapping.

Cthulhu On Rye: The acoustic had to repress it's amusement. "He didn't even notice you." It said smugly.

neon window: "Well, I was on the floor. And he was in a hurry."

blackrobedchaos: "His precious scarf." The fender snickered.

neon window: The scarf, who was hurt already, managed to pull itself together on a little pile on the floor. "His camera's more important to him, anyway. Thanks for rubbing it in."

FizzyHeartsYou: The pants wiggled over to the scarf. "If it helps any, WE are VERY interested in you."

neon window: The scarf would have smiled, had it a mouth. "At least that's one friendly object today."

FizzyHeartsYou: "Oh, we're ALWAYS friendly," the left leg said, sliding over the scarf

blackrobedchaos: The fender snorted again and concentrated on getting off his second-cousin.

neon window: The scarf wiggled closeer to the pants. "Well, it's nice. Everyone's being mean today and I don't know why." It was still a little shaken after being left behind.

FizzyHeartsYou: "That has to be rough..." The left pant leg spoke sympathetically as the right slipped slowly under the scarf

neon window: The scarf wrapped around the right pant leg, its other end drapped over the left. "It is rough. Nobody likes me anymore." Not that it didn't tease everyone once in a while. All in good fun.

FizzyHeartsYou: "I'm sure thats not true..." The right pant leg called itself into attention, letting the zipper slide down an inch, beckoning the scarf.

blackrobedchaos: "Get over yourself, scarf." The fender glanced over to the pants and the scarf. "And get a room."

FizzyHeartsYou: "Jealous."

blackrobedchaos: "Hah, hardly."

neon window: "Like you have golden strings or something. I don't understand why you all have to bash me all the time! Believe it or not, I DO have feelings. Somewhere in there."

FizzyHeartsYou: "Well, you ARE resorting to guitarcest."

blackrobedchaos: "I didn't put myself here on purpose, okay? I can't control where Roger puts me down."

FizzyHeartsYou: "Doesn't change what carnal acts you are committing to."

FizzyHeartsYou: Just then, footsteps were again heard and Mark dashed in, grabbing the scarf and running out the door. "OUCH! WHAT THE FUCK, MARK?!" The right pant leg shrieked after Mark left, feeling splinters from being dragged.

blackrobedchaos: The fender burst out laughing.


Posted by: that was just a cheeky bonus. (lilchibibunny)
Posted at: January 17th, 2006 01:34 am (UTC)
rent - teh scarf equals smex

*pats poor scarf* Aww. My poor babay.

Posted by: Ky (notapopstar)
Posted at: January 17th, 2006 01:47 am (UTC)

Poor pants!


Then again, not really. >D;

Posted by: that was just a cheeky bonus. (lilchibibunny)
Posted at: January 17th, 2006 01:59 am (UTC)
rent - roger has a scarf too!

Ah, the pants have each other. They can just converse if lonely. xDD

Posted by: Ky (notapopstar)
Posted at: January 17th, 2006 02:21 am (UTC)

.....So true. =D;;

Posted by: haulswynson (haulswynson)
Posted at: January 30th, 2013 01:54 am (UTC)

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