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✖ dream of californication [userpic]
[aim chat three!]
by ✖ dream of californication (rabidfangirlism)
at January 17th, 2006 (04:36 pm)

blackrobedchaos: In a backstage area, somewhere in CGBGs, the air pulsates with music and heat. The fender and the acoustic lay side by side, propped up against the wall. Various other sound equipment, microphones, amps, etcetera sits around. Mark, Roger, and any of the various other random bohemian objects are nowhere to be found, presumably still on their owners.

blackrobedchaos: "Is anyone else here?" The fender's voice is low as he glances at the acoustic, then the door.

Cthulhu On Rye: The acoustic peered around, seeing only the familiar sound equipment. "There's something funny about this you know. The only privacy we get is in the backstage of a packed club."

blackrobedchaos: "Nothing funny about it at all. I think it fits, really. Music and all. Where we belong."

Cthulhu On Rye: "I suppose you're right, it makes sense when you put it that way." The acoustic inched a bit closer to the other guitar as it spoke.

blackrobedchaos: Strings intertwined. "Like the camera in darkroom...." He mumbled, looking at the darkroom. "or the pants....on someone. S'just where they belong."

Cthulhu On Rye: It made an agreeable as their strings crossed, . "Where we belong...Yes you're right, we belong here, like this."

FizzyHeartsYou: Just then, Roger stumbled in the door backwards, Mark attached to his lips, tugging at his pants, which were squealing in protest. However, the squealing went unnoticed by all but the two interrupted guitars

blackrobedchaos: The fender nearly jumped, trying to half get away from the acoustic and half jump into it. The result being that it ended up splayed on the floor, half out of tune. "!"

FizzyHeartsYou: There was a distinct "OW!" as the pants were tugged off and tossed carelessly onto the floor. "What was that?"
"It was nothing Mark, shut up."

blackrobedchaos: "Mf!" The fender did not appreciate having pants on it's fingerboard. That was for Roger only. And others. But not the pants.

FizzyHeartsYou: The pants tried to unobtrusively slide off the guitar. "Ew, I feel so heterosexual right now."

blackrobedchaos: The fender snorted, then winced as Roger tripped over him, splayed on the floor.

Cthulhu On Rye: The acoustic only moved when it witnessed the human stumble. "You alright?" It questioned softly

wazanrogator: The camera braced itself, and whimpered nervously. It was in Mark's hand at the moment, but was just waiting to be dropped.

blackrobedchaos: "Yeah, fine.." He murmured back, "But uncomfortable."

FizzyHeartsYou: "The stupid FENDER is, but WE'RE not! We're still trapped on this damn fingerboard!" The left leg was incredibly disturbed by being forced into a heterosexual position

blackrobedchaos: "Then help move me! It's not like I'm very movable on my own!" The fender hissed back, looking up at the acoustic.

blackrobedchaos: "Did you hear something?" Roger asked his half-naked roommate, having stopped the kiss for just a second.

Cthulhu On Rye: "If both of you stop whining for a second maybe we could all do something." snapped the acoustic as it moved to try and help the trapped objects.

FizzyHeartsYou: All of the objects froze, squeezing their metaphorical eyes shut, praying they wouldn't be caught

blackrobedchaos: "Come on." Roger muttered darkly, "There's an empty room across from here we can use that isn't crammed with sound equipment. Put the camera down and let’s go." Obligingly, Mark placed the camera down on the nearest table, and allowed Roger to show him into the room across the hall and slam the door behind him.”

wazanrogator: The camera let out a sigh of relief. "I trust my Mark and always will...but that was a little nervewracking."

Cthulhu On Rye: Glancing over to the camera then back at the Fender and pants, it nodded. "That whole situation was just a little too close for comfort."

FizzyHeartsYou: "Well, this situation was much too uncomfortable and trying to get off of that damn fingerboard was worth the risk."

FizzyHeartsYou: The left pant leg agreed. "I don't know why fingerboards are considered so sexy. Did nothing for me."

Cthulhu On Rye: "Pfft you just can't appreciate them."

blackrobedchaos: "And what do you got that's better then a fingerboard, pants?" The fender asked, still on the floor and not happy about it. "Nothing. Let's not do that again."

FizzyHeartsYou: "WE," the right leg stated, "Get the honor of constantly being involved in various pre-sexual acts. You just get the sappy love song shit."

Cthulhu On Rye: "Actually -I- tend to get the sappy love song shit," the acoustic informed. "The Fender tends to get the loud rock n' roll bits."

blackrobedchaos: "And the sexual song shit. Can I count how many times he's put 'fuck you like an animal' into the songs?"

FizzyHeartsYou: "Words don't have the same effect."

Cthulhu On Rye: "I think I did that once actually. Don't remember how high I got though."

blackrobedchaos: "Oh, I've gotten that kind of shit all the time - and we know, Pants. You're there. You're gonna get it. The acoustic has all the sappy shit. I have very little."

FizzyHeartsYou: The pants' voices turned smug. "Thank you."

wazanrogator: The camera would've yawned if it could; it had been on the entire concert, of course completely focused Roger. "Just a little nap," it said, and turned off.

blackrobedchaos: "Quit being a bastard, pants, we get it already." He would have rolled his eyes, then with a somewhat of struggle, manage to hop back over to next to the acoustic.

FizzyHeartsYou: "Urgh. You guys are sick sometimes." The pants twitched. "Where is scarf?"

blackrobedchaos: "With Mark and Roger I think, being involved in kinky sex."

Cthulhu On Rye: Moving in close next to the Fender the acoustic nodded, "Yes, I saw them take it with them. We won't hear the end it for the next few days I'm sure."

blackrobedchaos: "Well, at least it'll get him to stop bitching and moaning about being unloved."

Cthulhu On Rye: "Yeah now we'll be suck with the exact opposite." It let out a few notes of frustration. "There are days where I wish Mark would just loose the damned thing."

FizzyHeartsYou: "Not until we're through with him."

FizzyHeartsYou: The left leg took on a proud demeanor. "Roger would never lose us."

blackrobedchaos: "You will get the scarf in you if it kills you, won't you, Pants?" The fender snorts. "Never lose me either. I'm older then all of you."

FizzyHeartsYou: "You have a point," The left leg admitted grudgingly

blackrobedchaos: A proud twang.

FizzyHeartsYou: "Cept for when he pawned you for a car." The right leg always was the ruder of the two legs

blackrobedchaos: "He wasn't in his right mind, okay! It was that stupid Mimi." The fender replies defensively. "Women always fuck things up."

FizzyHeartsYou: "I agree. Mimi was awful. She tried to get Roger to get rid of us so many times." The left leg sounded indignant. "He refused cause April gave us to him. Now THAT was a decent woman."

FizzyHeartsYou: "That’s probably WHY Mimi hated us."

blackrobedchaos: "She was cool. Some of the shit he pulled out of my strings was fucking amazing before they started shooting up like, every fucking hour."

FizzyHeartsYou: If the left leg had eyes, it'd be glancing at the small white stain on the thigh of its side. "I didn't like that part."

blackrobedchaos: The fender would nod if it could.

Cthulhu On Rye: The acoustic stayed silent throughout the conversation. Unlike the other two it was quite fond of Mimi and really wasn't to partial towards April.

blackrobedchaos: Meanwhile, the fender was trying to will away the pants, glancing back at the acoustic every few seconds.

FizzyHeartsYou: Footsteps. The objects all snapped into a standstill position as Roger and Mark stumbled back into the room, pulling on their clothing items, including the pants. "Let me have this for a while," Roger grabbed the scarf and tied it around his waist as a makeshift belt. The pants were in heaven as they left the room.

blackrobedchaos: "Fucking finally." The fender growled as the door shut.

Cthulhu On Rye: "Yes it was about time," the acoustic agreed, it's strings inching closer to the other guitar.

blackrobedchaos: "I felt like I was going to explode if the pants didn't fuck off." The strings intertwine again, pulling them closer. "S'been a long time."

Cthulhu On Rye: A few amused chords. "Yeah but it doesn't matter now. They're gone and that's the important thing." It let itself be pulled closer, gently grazing the neck of the other with one of it's free strings.

blackrobedchaos: A low, resonating note emanated from the fender as more strings become undone to wrap the two of them together. "Missed you." He murmured.

Cthulhu On Rye: "You too," A second string joined the first, both of running up and down the others neck, while others bound them to each other.

blackrobedchaos: "If there was one thing I hated about April." One of the fender's strings dips, threading through the acoustic's fingerboard. "Rodge never picked you up when she was around."

Cthulhu On Rye: A few low needing notes escaped the acoustic and it sped up it's motion. "It was alright," it replied in a low whisper. "You were enjoying yourself."

blackrobedchaos: A high twang escapes the fender and it pulls them tight enough so that the wooden and plastic hit. "I thought about you all the time when you were in his room." it mumbled, the toyed-with strings responding. "Wondered a lot about you. How you were doing. What you were doing. Never saw you back then."

Cthulhu On Rye: A sound to match the other's was emitted as the acoustic rubbed itself against the Fenders finish. "I-I thought about too." it began softly. "I thought about what she must be doing to you in there. I went to watch a few times. You always sounded so...powerful." The last word became more of a moan then anything coherent.

blackrobedchaos: "I can't bring people back from the dead." Handcarved wood. Had the fender had eyes, they would have rolled back into his head by now. "But you can."

Cthulhu On Rye: "I can't," It whispered as a string crawled up the fingerboard and began to tease the tuners. "but it's a nice thought." Two more strings joined the first.

blackrobedchaos: "You sure as fuck did." The fender's strings moved downward, dipping into the acoustic's resonating chamber. Several low, gritty moaning notes come out.

Cthulhu On Rye: The acoustic did nothing to repress the moaning chords as the Fender entered. Strings tightened themselves as a shudder escaped.

blackrobedchaos: It reacquainted itself with the acoustic's vast empty body, feeling around, pushing the strings in as far as they would go, pushing itself as close to the smooth wood as he could. the fender could never forget the feel of smooth wood against plastic.

Cthulhu On Rye: The Fender wasn't the only one who couldn't forget it, the acoustic found the feeling absolutely addictive as it continued to rub itself against the smooth shiny plastic. It's strings were running along the others back, reveling in the feeling of the slick material.

blackrobedchaos: Little scrapes and dents and tiny marks from Roger's fingers and the abuse that age brings nick the wooden acoustic, and the fender tries to memorize them over again. It's been a long time.


Posted by: Ky (notapopstar)
Posted at: January 18th, 2006 12:45 am (UTC)

Guitar smut. I LOVE IT. XD Fender/acoustic is quickly taking over the spot in my heart reserved for acoustic/camera.

Posted by: And I still don't know if I'm a falcon or a storm (cameraneverlies)
Posted at: January 18th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)

Aww poor camera, everyone seems to be dumping it for the Fender right now.

Posted by: Ky (notapopstar)
Posted at: January 18th, 2006 11:46 am (UTC)
employee of the month

*hugs camera*

Posted by: ✖ dream of californication (rabidfangirlism)
Posted at: January 18th, 2006 03:13 am (UTC)
crack - guitarcest

Writing guitar sex? HARDER THEN IT LOOKS.

Posted by: Ky (notapopstar)
Posted at: January 18th, 2006 11:46 am (UTC)

XDXD Nice to know. I think all the object-sex is gonna be a bit hard to write.

Posted by: ✖ dream of californication (rabidfangirlism)
Posted at: January 18th, 2006 12:03 pm (UTC)
mark - expressive tango

perhaps perhaps.

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